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Travelling With Your Dog By Car

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We all know dogs have special relationships with their owners so it’s no surprise when you see a dog loosely traveling with their owner by car. Being irresponsible with your pet is like us humans allowing our children to ride the car freely without a seat-belt on!

As this becomes more common, safety measures are needed to be put in place, as this could have major repercussions on both you and your pet. If you are one of those people who like to take their animals with them on the road, then here are safe measures tips you need to know.


Before any trip, give them time to get used to your vehicle first. It is highly recommended to bring a dog crate with you, as this acts as a safety precaution. By going for short distance drives, this technique is used to avoid your pet getting motion sickness when traveling for longer journeys. Always make sure to turn on your air conditioning as well as having a window open slightly. Securing the crate using a seat-belt is also important in case of any sudden jolt movements from the car.

Why use dog crates?

Dog Crates are the best inventions ever made when it comes to traveling with your animal. They act as a safety harness for your dog and are less inclined to distract you when driving. Dog crates should be large enough where your pet can stand, sit, lie down and turn around in. As the summer approaches, it is highly recommended to have ventilation holes in your dog’s crate where air can easily be passed in and out.

According to the DSPCA, the temperature outside can travel into an air conditioned carin less than five minutes once it is turned off, acting as a furnace for your pet. At Slaneyside Kennels and Runs, we have a great selection of Dog Crates to suit a dog of any size. Our crates have secure plastic food and water bowls at the front of the crate so your pet can help themselves to a drink if and when they are re-hydrated.

What should you bring?

When traveling with pets make sure to place a seat cover inside the crate, as well as having paper towels on hand. This is to protect your car from any potential accidents happening. Stuffing the crate with your dog’s favorite bedding and toys will ease them into being calm in the car. Don’t over feed your dog. According to EuroPetNet it is recommended to feed your dog at least two hours before you leave that day. Giving them plenty of exercise will also warn them out and they will want to sleep the majority of the way.


If you would like to know more information on how dog crates can work for your pet then please email Donal Kehoe at slaneyside@gmail.com or phone: 053-93-88567 / Mobile: 0877959550

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