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Toilet Training Your Puppy Or Dog

In previous blogs over the past few weeks, we have gone through the initial stages of getting a new puppy or dog including introductions and useful equipment to make the transition seamless. But now for the blog post that can save you from the hassle of cleaning up your new furry companion’s accidents around the home. Yes, we are talking about toilet training! This is one of the most common challenges faced by new puppy owners, this can also apply to untrained adult dogs too!

Let’s face it there are more than likely going to be some accidents throughout the toilet training process but here at Slaneyside we are here to give you some top tips to help with the process and make your life a bit easier!

The 4 Basic Steps of Toilet Training

Love That Pet list 4 basic steps to follow when toilet training your puppy or dog:

  1. Be around and attentive – Keep your puppy with you at all times during toilet training if possible. If you are unable to watch them closely or be attentive you should consider crate training.
  2. Reward – Reward good behaviour with treats or toys. If your puppy or dog has done what you wanted them to do and gone toilet correctly let them know with rewards. Don’t forget to keep rewards close to hand during this process as they should be given directly after.
  3. Routine– Keeping a routine is vital when it comes to toilet training as repetition and consistency is key! Puppies should be taken out every hour. Remember that regardless of whether it is a puppy or an adult dog that all dogs need to go outside, after eating, after playing hard, after drinking a lot of water, first thing in the morning and last thing at night.
  4. Be patient and consistent and avoid punishment – This process may take some time so be patient. Accidents will happen but don’t punish your dog or puppy if they do, all this does is teach them to fear you.

Some Extra Toilet Training Tips

  • The Toilet Command – Dogs Trust also recommend using a toilet command. Simply say a command like for example ‘toilet’ or ‘empty’ when you see your dog going in the correct place. If the dog looks at you when you’ve made the command reward them with a treat or toy once they’ve finished. Repeat this each time you take you dog out.
  • Paper Training – Purina recommend paper-training small breeds and young puppies on newspapers or toilet trainer pads. Praise the dog when they are used and ignore them when they’re not. Over time, move the newspaper or pad towards the door and eventually out into the garden and they will follow their own scent.
  • Dealing with Accidents – If an accident happens don’t get angry and definitely don’t punish. Always clean the floor thoroughly to remove the odor or else they will continue to go toilet in the same place as they recognize their own scent.
  • Feeding Schedule – Remember that the feeding schedule can help or hinder this entire process. So be regular with feeding times of your dog or puppy as most will need to go outside shortly after eating.

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