PAC Dog Fence Extra Large (Excluding Wire)

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Electric Dog Fence | Electronic Fencing & Collars

Do you need to contain your dogs within a fixed area around your property? Then we have the ideal solution: The PAC Electronic Fence System This system is highly reliable; can encompass any shape of garden or estate, at very low cost;and can be hidden from view.

The PAC Electronic Fence system is ideal where you wish to contain one or more dogs without needing an ugly and obtrusive boundary fence. Each dog that needs to be contained wears an active electronic collar unit. Whenever the dog is nears the boundary his collar is designed to respond to a low strength radio signal. The boundary itself comprises an inexpensive, PVC-coated loop-wire. No-Go areas within the boundary – such as swimming pools, flower beds andchild-play-areas may be selectively excluded within the containment area, by using a simple, wire twisting technique, locally to nullify the radio signals.

This kit includes everything you need for one dog. If you want this kit for two dogs please add an extra fence collar to the basket before checkout.

Continuous and Automatic Surveillance

PAC’s Electronic Fence effectively gives continuous (24/7), automatic and unattended surveillance. Whenever a dog moves into the Active Zone (set by the user, normally to 1-2 metres from the wire), his collar receives a radio signal. The collar then emits audible, warning bleeps, and if he does not withdraw within two seconds, the system ‘ramps-up’ to administer corrective electrical stimuli. The longer the dog is within the active zone; and the closer his proximity to the wire; the greater the intensity of the deterrent stimulation. Thus, the dog self-elects to approach the boundary; andif he runs at it, the system activates immediately. Any number of dogs(each wearing a collar) can be contained.

Control Unit

The electronic Control Unit, which needs to be installed undercover,generates radio signals for the loop-wire. It also incorporates monitoring and adjustment of the Active Zone size (i.e. distance from the wire); stand by batteries to keep the system running in the event of a mains power-failure; anda timer-controlled socket, into which a collar may simply be plugged when ever it needs recharging.

Electronic Collar Unit

The collar unit is a rechargeable waterproof unit that contacts with the dog via two stainless steel probes. Each collar can give up to 2-4 weeks of operation ( up to 3 months in standby mode). An LED on the collar indicates battery charge status.

Loop Wire

The notional maximum length of the standard ( 1.5 mm2),low cost, multi-cored, PVC covered cable is 1500m, but heavier gauge (2.5 mm2 ) loop-wire may be used for much longer boundaries. Suitable wire can be purchased from PAC or from most electrical wholesalers. The two tails of the loop connect to the Control Unit.


Using The Red Zones
Setup & Test Fence Unit
How To Test Fence Collar & Wire
How To Charge Fence Collar


  • F200A PACFence features and specifications

    For over 5 acres area, please add the PAC containment system with Boosted Transmitter add-on to your purchase.

    · Surround and enclose all or part of your garden, paddock or estate, andgive your dog freedom to roam within it.

    · Continuous and automatic surveillance (24/7)

    · Stimulus intensity on the collar increases automatically undermicro-processor control.

    · Digital Signal Processing for complete immunity to outside radio interference

    · Waterproof durable housing for collar electronics

    · Transient voltage suppressor protects against 95% of local, adjacentlightning strikes

    · Open circuit warning alarm

    · Easy to install with a step-by-step guide

List of Contents

F200A Control Unit
Electronic Collar (Probes Already Fitted) With Strap
Power Supply for Control Unit
Charging Unit for Collar
Spare Probe Kit
2 Screws for mounting control unit (Supplied with Rawl Plugs)

This Kit does not include wire. This kit includes everything you need for one dog excluding wire. If you want this kit for two dogs please add an extra fence collar to the basket before checkout.


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