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Leaving Your Dog At Home While On Vacation

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We all know that leaving your dog at boarding kennels or getting a pet sitter are the easiest options when you travel, but, is it really the best option? Imagine leaving a small child in surroundings it doesn’t know with strangers while you are away. Crazy, right?

If you are going on a new vacation in 2016 and you are thinking of leaving your dog behind in the good hands of a neighbour, friend or family member, then you need to follow these essential tips.

Why is leaving them at home the best option?

While you are away on vacation you want to make sure your dog is taken care of. Having someone you know pop in to check up on them is the most ideal and cheap option in the long run for both you and the pet you love. Why? As dogs are used to their own kennels you know they will be comfortable around the people they know. They are used to the surroundings of your home and are happy with life. Not to mention you don’t have to pay any fees!

Preparing to leave

Before you go away, spend small amounts of time with your pets so they can get used to you not being in the house. This will give them time to readjust to things on their own. Open the hatch of their kennel so your pet is free to play in the garden while closing the back door well in advance so they don’t escape the perimeter of your home. Placing a bowl of water beside them will also help them to avoid being rehydrated. At Slaneyside Kennels and Runs, we have a range of Dog Bowel sets that are bolted to your dog’s kennel, acting as a great accessory when you leave your home.

Asking a neighbour, friend or family member

When asking certain neighbours, friends or family members to keep an eye on your pet, make sure to introduce them first. This is a safety precaution in case of any attacks on the person looking after your pet while you are away. As they are the ones looking after your animals, providing them with useful information such as medication, feeding times to contact details of your dog’s veterinarian is required in case of any problems they might find themselves in.

As the person you ask will have their own daily routines, tell them to swing by your house twice a day, preferably in the morning and evening time. This is a reassurance for your pet that they will always be cared for.


At Slaneyside Kennels and Runs, we offer a range of sturdy dog kennels and dog runs that will suit a dog of any size. Email Donal Kehoe at slaneyside@gmail.com or phone: 053-93-88567 / 0877959550 for more information.