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How To House Train Your Puppy

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Are you tired of cleaning up after your dog every time you come home from work? We all know when a puppy gets overexcited they have no filter when it comes to going to the toilet leaving you with messy accidents. By potty training your puppy you are the one in control by teaching them to eliminate their deposits in the right place and at the right time. If you are thinking of house training your new puppy, then here’s everything you need to know.

Getting a dog crate

Before getting a puppy, it is highly recommended to get a dog crate for your home. By placing the crate in a small area that is water resistant such as a kitchen, this method will encourage them to view their home as a security blanket.

The aim of the dog crate is to teach your puppy the boundaries of right from wrong. Placing your dog’s favourite blanket and toys inside will encourage them to get in. Close the hatch of the crate and slowly leave the room. This will teach them that dog crates are safe and secure. However, don’t close the hatch of the crate when you leave the house.

Creating a routine

Getting a puppy to stick to any routine is challenging none the less it is the most effective strategy. It allows them to be the ones in control of their bladder and be able to eliminate their deposits when they are let out. When they do go to the toilet in front of you it is important to reward your dog with praise. This will show your puppy that this is the behaviour, you want from them and will help you to get rid of any bad habits they may of had, i.e. urinating on the curtains inside your house.

Write down the times your puppy goes to the toilet during the day and include that into the feeding schedule you have planned for them. You will then start seeing a trend where your puppy has adopted to the routine you planned and will go at those appropriate times.

How long do you lock them up for?

Locking your pet inside their crate is all well and good, but, how long would you leave them locked up for? Imagine being held captive inside a small room and being told you have to hold on to your bladder for hours? Crazy, right? According to Dogtime.com;

“It is recommended to take the age of your dog and add 1 on to that number, i.e. if you have a four-month puppy, your dog should be able to stay in their crate for no longer than five hours. However, puppies and adult dogs should never be kept in their crate for longer than nine hours (the average work day)”.


If you would like to learn more information on how you can house train your puppy, then please contact Donal Kehoe at slaneyside@gmail.com or phone: 053-93-88567 / Mobile: 0877959550