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Dogs Trust Call For Employers To Allow Dogs In the Office in Ireland

A lot of talk in the media this week of dog charity dogs trust calling on employers to allow dog/ pups to be allowed to come to work with their owners.

Do you think this would be feasible in your workplace?

Ciara Byrne, Head of Communications explained that many people became dog owners during the pandemic and there are benefits to having a pup in the office.

She said: “So many people became dog owners during the pandemic, and we feel that the more workplaces that welcome dogs, the more dogs will remain in their homes, and we can hopefully avoid another wave of surrender requests”

The Health Benefits

It is being widely recognised now that there are many benefits to having a dog in the workplace with their owners. Studies have shown that it can increase productivity as well as the health benefits achievable for owners such as reduced cholesterol and lower blood pressure.

Its recognised that not all workplaces may be suitable for hosting of pets during the workday and if this is the case then owners should consider other measures like having a neighbour walk your dog or agreeing to come home for lunch.

But what when my workplace isnt suitable?

If inside your home is not a safe or suitable place to keep your pet then we can advise on a range of suitable options with everything from dog runs and enclosures to insulated Kingspan kennels which will keep them warm during the Irish winter when your not a around. A decent size dog run will keep your pet very safe from theft while also leaving enough room for them to feel safe.

Even if you’re on a tight budget we can supply you with individual dog run panels which will enable you to build your own dog run to the size you need.

Have a look at our shop as a good starting point to what you might need


Its time to plan ahead

Speak to your employer about what they are comfortable with and plan ahead to make sure you have made the right choices for your pet.


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