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Council’s Spray Painting Campaign A Success?

We reported some months ago on our social channels about a very unique but in your face campaign being run in the counties of Galway and Roscommon.

Councils there have voted unanimously to stencil large areas of footpath with bright yellow messages using the slogan..’clean it up you dirty pup’. At the time of reporting some of our social media followers felt that it might of been a step too far.

Today however the Irish independent reports that Roscommon has all but ended dog litter fowling and the current programme in Galway has resulted in a 50% decrease in dog poop.

Its all part of the “Green Dog Walkers Programme” with Leitrim County Council also set to trial a Dog Foul DNA testing programme.

The programme in Galway has so far cost €20,000 but it is hoped the shift in public opinion will lead to it becoming socially unacceptable to leave dog poop on public walkways and parks etc.

Maybe its a great idea after all!

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