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Can i take my dog on holidays

So, your sitting there thinking about booking a holiday after a very long 2 years of being stuck indoors due to Covid-19.

I can completely relate to that after being in that exact same position for quite some time myself. The one thing however that crops up time and time again is wether or not you can bring your pet with you overseas. This question is now raised more than ever after so many families have acquired pets during the lockdown.

Well, first of all, you have to get a European pet passport. This is done through your vet and it documents your pet’s microchip details and, crucially, the fact that they have had a rabies vaccination — a jab that lasts for three years.

For now the best thing to do is to get an appointment with your Vet and get things moving.

Following this you will need to check with your airline or other carrier to see if they will allow pets to travel onboard. Ryanair currently only allow guide or assistance dogs up to a maximum of 4 per flight so make sure to book in advance. Stenaline on the other hand allow the travel of dogs and other pets inside owners car (caution needed!) and also in the onboard kennels.

Taking your pet abroad with proper planning can be a rewarding experience provided you take the necessary steps outlined but please check in advance with your carrier as to what they permit as the rules can change quite frequently.

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