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Advantages Of Electronic Dog Fences

Having an electronic fence for a dog is an effective way in keeping them safe. It allows pets the freedom to run around and play within a selected containment area. If you are considering buying this type of fence, then here’s what you need to know.

What is an electronic dog fence?

An electronic dog fence is a popular pet containment system that keeps your dog securely contained within the close proximity of your home. The containment system consists of a wire that transmits radio signals that is incorporated into a dog’s collar. It also consists of flags that are placed around the perimeter of your home, to help you and your pet see where the fence is.

How does it work?

An electric collar is worn by your dog and will receive radio signals from the wire surrounding your home. When your dog approaches the fence, the collar will pick up the signal and will give your dog an audible warning bleeping tone. The aim is to teach your dog to stay close to your property line.

What will happen if your dog ignores the signals?

If your dog decides to ignore the signal and continues towards the fence, your dog’s collar will release a minor shock to the neck. Your dog will receive the same feeling you get when you touch a metal door after walking on a carpet. This is not a form of punishment for your dog. This is an effective maneuverer where your dog understands what it means with a minor shock until they no longer need it.

What are the advantages of having an electric fence?

Electric dog fences are designed to discipline your dog with the result of them becoming obedient in the long-term. They help you and your dog to be more safeguarded in making sure your dog stays safe out of harm’s way, such as running on to the road and getting hurt by moving vehicles or running away and getting lost.

What advice would be recommended?

Prior to your electronic fence going up, you should show your dog what will happen when they cross paths with your fence first. This will show the dog that this is bad behaviour and will become more aware as a result from training.

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