Kosy Kennels

590.00 inc. Vat

Our brand new range of Kennel design and our most insulated yet.

The features of these kennels knock the socks off anything in the market.

Designed to make any pet owners life much easier.

All panels heavily insulated providing 360 degree protection for your pet

Fully opening roof system to make cleaning an absolute breeze. No more crawling just to clean. Just open the lid, grab a brush and your good.

All panel made of easy clean material too.

Delivered flat pack so can be brought into a home where space is extremely tight. Our team can then easily assemble these in minutes on site. You’ll be welcoming your dog to a new home in no time at all

These insulated dog kennels are in stock and ready to ship.


Current standard size 1250mm wide x 1020mm deep x 870 mm High (front)


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